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DoveLetters is a unique gift that makes your newlywed friends feel special and gives them something to look forward to after their wedding day.

I really enjoyed my DoveLetters experience. Very easy to set up and as it was a surprise for my newly married friends, the postcards just started showing up in their letter box like a mysterious gift that keeps giving.
− Charlie

From words of advice or a funny anecdote, to great dancing photo or a group shot of their closest friends, these are memories through the letterbox which the newlyweds will cherish.
− Amanda

How it works

DoveLetters takes friends’ & family's photos of the wedding and sends them through the letterbox as high-quality postcards, once a week for ten weeks.

1. Choose

Pick up to 9 friends going to the wedding with you and make sure you have their email addresses.

2. Shoot

We'll ask each of your friends to provide their own photo of the wedding and a personalised message.

3. Send

We'll create a postcard with each friend's photo & message, then pop them in the post a week at a time.

Gift Something Meaningful

Weddings are full of tradition and emotion, and the gift giving element is no exception. Faced with the dregs of a gift list - potato peeler or a £250 le creuset pan - or contributing towards the honeymoon, can leave you feeling your friendship is measured by financial value.

DoveLetters is a beautifully meaningful gift that allows the newlyweds to see their wedding day from the point of view of a collection of friends. The concept combines the tradition of a wedding guestbook, the chore of preparing photos for the wedding album and the romanticism of receiving post.

Delight your friends and cure their post-wedding blues with gorgeous, high-quality postcards including personalised messages, delivered weekly to their door, long before their professional photos are available.


This truly unique wedding gift was a beautiful and regular reminder that drew the newly weds' minds back to their special day. They were over the moon to receive candid shots from their guests' perspectives and really appreciated these special moments that were captured and turned into a stunning postcard! This wedding gift will not disappoint!
− Jade


✓ includes printing and shipping
✓ money back guarantee for 30 days
✓ less than a fiver when shared with 9 friends


How will the Newly Weds know it's from me?
Fear not, we'll make sure the newly weds know who is responsible for this amazing gift. Included on every postcard will be "Made with DoveLetters, by <your name>".

What information do I need to provide?
We'll ask you for the date of the wedding plus email addresses of 9 wedding guests. We will also need the names and postal address of the newly weds, so we can send them the postcards.

Do I have to provide the email addresses when I make the purchase?
No, you don't have to but you can. Plus you make changes up until the day before the wedding.

What if someone else buys the same gift?
This only really matters is it's someone from the same circle of friends and there is a lot of overlap in the people on each list. In this case, we'll be happy to refund you within 30 days of purchase. Multiple gifts from people on different sides of the newly formed family, will give a lovely mix of memories from all.

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